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led dance floors
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Clearview LED engineer and manufacture professional RGB LED Lighting Control Systems, LED lighting
displays and a range of off–the–shelf and custom lighting products. Designed for indoor and outdoor
use, we create innovative lighting products that are designed to be simple to use, very reliable and
easy to maintain. Our full colour RGB LED products are used by architects, nightclubs, bars and
discos, mobile DJs and VJs, theatre stage managers and entertainment venues to create stunning
visual effects

We're an innovative and flexible company so if you've got a vision for something specific, just talk us
through the details of your project and we can engineer and manufacture it for you. We'll soon be
releasing more details on some of the great custom projects we've worked on, but to give you a taster, these are some of the products and projects we've recently developed:


LED DancefloorDJ BoothStarclothLED Cube

LED dancefloors
LED dancefloors

specialists in the control of colour

led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

Tel 0560 3668272

led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

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