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LED cloths UK  
LED cloths UK  
LED cloths UK

Pixelscan supply and support high quality, large scale video technology. Our new flexible ColourSmart Video and Effects Cloths open up a huge range of innovative opportunities for video display. Ideal for Advertising, architecture, broadcast or entertainment. Suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications such as clubs, exhibitions, studios, theatres, festivals, concerts and many other events where large scale video is required.
We recommend P20 (20mm between LEDs) down to P50 for Video and P75, P100, and P200 for Effects.
Fast & easy to setup, our cloths come supplied in their own flight case to make safe transportation & storage a breeze.
Fully supported by Madrix, direct from the GIGE network port of a standard PC using our new ColourSmart Link Protocol, you can create visuals, import video, create timelines, and much more, all at the touch of a button. Simple to use, but very powerful, Madrix is specifically designed for LED arrays, unlike most other VJ solutions, and is fast becoming industry standard.

Quick & easy to set up / One person assembly in minutes / Easy to customise & adapt /
Made from theatrical grade fabric / Strong & robust / Fire retardant / Supplied with receiver /
Supplied with a flight case for safe storage and easy transportation /

led cloths
led displays
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LED screens LED video screens LED cloth LED video cloyhs LED pixels LED displays LED dance floors LED video dance floors LED control LED effects UK LED suppliers LED controllers

led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

R&D/Manufacturing 0330 0882587.....Sales & Marketing +44(0)1509 808580

led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

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