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LED dancefloor  



The 'Pixelscan LED VIDEO dancefloor' offers high quality performance at an affordable cost. Available in various options to suit many applications this stunning 'video' quality dance floor can be programmed to display many amazing effects including text, graphics, flash files and of course video images. The product is ideal for many diverse maket sectors such as nightclub, stage,
corporate events, hotels and shopping malls.The panels are full IP65 rated making them suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. A fast simple panel connection design is ideal for short term installation or hire and theres even an optional fitting kit to mount the panels on to a suitable wall.

Clear or opaque acrylic panel cover option / Strong steel base, Maximum weight 500KG / IP65 rated.
LED pitch options: 20mm, 25mm, 50mm / 'No gap' connection design / Fast simple installation /
DMX or 'Coloursmart(R) Multiverse' control option.

For optimum performance use the 'Coloursmart(R) Multiverse' control system.
Our 'Multiverse' controller, is versatile, yet powerful, and fully compatible with
MADRIX(R) and features:
Up to 1600 pixels per universe, Up to 12 universes per controller,
Up to 10 controllers can be synchronised, giving control of a massive 192,000 pixels (576,000 channels) per system or standard DVI control ie 'MADRIX'

LED dancefloor UK
LED dance floors UK
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LED screens LED video screens LED cloth LED video cloyhs LED pixels LED displays LED dance floors LED video dance floors LED control LED effects UK LED suppliers LED controllers

led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

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led cloths & dance floors
led cloths & dance floors

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